Visual Driving Experience with 3DExcite

3 TITAN Super Quad projectors

3 TITAN Super Quad 3D projectors in the Driving Simulator


3DEXCITE Live! was held in Munich, Germany on 21st - 22nd May and showcased the latest trends in high-end 3D visualization software, solutions and CGI services.

Digital Projection were sponsors of the event and also showcased the TITAN Super Quad projectors for the Visual Driving Experience simulator. The simulator enabled drivers to experience physically correct vehicle behavior in a Virtual Reality  environment with stunning 3D graphics. The 3 projectors were edge blended and utilised auto-calibration and geometry correction provided by DOMEPROJECTION

The event showcased Digital Projection's Simulation ready projectors that are capable of stunning colours and high-performance 3D.

3 Edge Blended Titan Super Quads

3 Edge Blended, Geometry Corrected Titan Super Quads

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