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Saturday, November 01, 2014
WUXGA and Where it Fits
WUXGA and Where it Fits

WUXGA and Where it Fits

Digital Projection has introduced a number of new WUXGA projectors over the past few months and will continue to develop products around this relatively new DLP chipset. The "Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array" (WUXGA) is a 16x10 aspect ratio with a display resolution of 1920x1200 pixels.

Originally emerging in high end desktop and laptop computing monitors, WUXGA projectors can now allow unique system designs for larger screen video applications. An extra 120 pixels can go a long way!

At 1920x1200 resolution, the added pixels give the projected image more height than a standard 16x9 display. For computer or graphics sources, these extra pixels can be beneficial for allowing the user to view more of the source content such as spreadsheet data, web pages, presentations, design software, etc. DP's iVision and dVision projectors are compact and powerful options for this type of system with light output up to 4,300 lumens. The new TITAN and LIGHTNING WUXGA models deliver tens of thousands of lumens.

In mixed graphics/video applications, WUXGA projectors are unique in that they can display full 1080p video sources at native resolution and still have extra pixels to incorporate graphical elements such as control strips, text, company logos and more. This is an excellent solution for post-production professionals or even a high-end digital signage application.

For the simulation market where multiple projectors may be edge-blended or needed to cover a large screen surface area, extra resolution is always welcomed. DP has a unique position in the marketplace for providing certain single-chip and 3-chip DLP projectors that can be rotated into portrait mode. A WUXGA projector in portrait mode will offer a larger blend area when overlapping projectors side by side.

Also, added pixels on the DMD equate to more reflective mirrors, meaning higher brightness projectors. Typically, a WUXGA resolution projector will be brighter than its 1080p equivalent. Look for projectors up to 30,000 lumens at our booth at InfoComm!

Integrators and designers: do not be weary of WUXGA - use this new platform to differentiate yourselves and provide outstanding video applications for your customers...just don't forget the 16x10 screen!

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