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Friday, November 21, 2014
How to Set Intelligent Lens Memory
How to Set Intelligent Lens Memory

How to Set Intelligent Lens Memory

This feature is only available on TITAN and LIGHTNING projectors with the latest lens mount micro and updated firmware.

1. Before trying to set or recall presets, the focus and zoom need to be calibrated for the specific lens in the projector:

    a. In the user menu, select “Setup” then “Projector” then “Calibrate Focus.”
    b. Press “OK” and then wait for focus to stop moving.
    c. Next, select “Setup” then “Projector” then “Calibrate Zoom.”
    d. Press “OK” and then wait for the zoom to stop moving.

2. To position save a lens position (zoom, focus & shift) to the ILM memory:

    a. Move the lens zoom, focus and shift as needed.
    b. Select “Input” then “Preset” then “Save Preset.” Choose the location to save.
    c. Repeat for each distinct ILM position needed - up to 10 in total.

3. To recall the ILM position:

    a. Select “input” then “preset” then “recall preset.”
    b. Select the preset name associated with the desired lens position.

Helpful Hints:
a. Do not store lens position at the extreme of zoom, focus or shift. One click back is sufficient.
b. For best and most accurate results, use the Java application for moving focus and zoom before saving presets.

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