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Friday, November 28, 2014
Auto Shut-off For TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080p & SX+ Projectors
Auto Shut-off For TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080p & SX+ Projectors

Auto Shut-off For TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080p & SX+ Projectors

Some of our customers have asked if the TITAN and LIGHTNING 1080p and SX+ models can be equipped to automatically turn off if no source signal is present for an extended period of time. Although that capability does not inherently exist within the product’s user interface, it can be created via the RS-232 interface using any control system that is able to recognize responses from the projector. The key is for the control system to be programmed to occasionally ask the projector what source it is receiving.

Below is the description of the source polling command string from the Titan / LIGHTNING 1080p & SX+ External Protocol Document.

Tech Tip 1

As an example of how to use this command to execute a no-source auto shut-off, the control system could be programmed to poll the projector every 60 - 90 seconds as to the source it is displaying. After some quantity of consecutive ‘searching’ (no source) responses from the projector, the control system would then activate and display a countdown timer. The control system continues to poll the projector for source activity during the countdown. Once the countdown timer reaches zero, and assuming no sources were detected during the countdown, the control system would send an “off”’ command (located in section 3.1 of the TITAN / LIGHTNING External Protocol Document), as listed below.

Tech Tip 2

The amount of time between the control system’s polling of the projector’s source can be defined as any value suitable for the application. Likewise, the programmer can also define the number of “searching” responses required before the shutoff timer commences, as well as the duration of that timer.

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