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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Anamorphic Solution Now Available for M-Vision Series
Anamorphic Solution Now Available for M-Vision Series

Great news for DP’s dealers seeking advanced flexibility when installing the new M-Vision series displays. You can now add or include an anamorphic lens to any M–Vision projector. Simply use the Chief RPA series mount with the special M-Vision adapter plate provided by Digital Projection and the PAN 2 lens support. The Chief mount ensures the Panamorph AS 480Sys, the Panamorph F80Sys, and the Schneider Kino Torsion with Cine-Digitar lens can now be easily mounted to any M-Vision display.

Once mounted, M-Vision displays have two aspect ratios designed specifically for anamorphic lenses. “Theaterscope” will pre-process a letterbox movie and vertically stretch the content to fill the 16 x 9 DMD, thus capturing all available pixels. The anamorphic lens, when in front of the primary lens, will optically stretch the image horizontally, creating a geometrically correct 2.35 active image area.

For fixed anamorphic systems, selecting “anamorphic squeeze” will allow a 16 x 9 image to be properly displayed as a 16 x 9 image even with the anamorphic lens in place. Please note: we discourage the use of an anamorphic lens if the primary throw ratio is less than 1.8:1. Reason being, if throw distances less than 1.8:1 are used, the light patch exiting the primary lens is very large and it may be clipped by the aperture of the anamorphic lens, creating a similar clipped or distorted image on screen.

If you have questions regarding the use of an anamorphic solution on one of DP’s precision displays, please contact customer support at 770-420-1350 for a complete list of compatible installation products.

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