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Friday, November 28, 2014
Utilizing dVision and iVision 30 Series Projectors in Portrait Applications
Utilizing dVision and iVision 30 Series Projectors in Portrait Applications

As mentioned previously in newsletter articles, DP’s TITAN projectors offer tremendous flexibility to support both portrait and landscape applications. However, applications that require unusual mechanical positioning of the projector cover a wide range of budgets – and not all require the flagship performance the TITAN product line offers.

Single-chip projectors in portrait mode

For those portrait applications that don’t need the extensive capabilities of the TITAN products, dVision and iVision 30 series projectors offer a great alternative.

Although the dVision and iVision 30 series are not designed for Portrait display use, they can be oriented with the lens pointing straight down, straight up, or anywhere in-between. That capability lends itself to a simple mirror trick that will rotate the image 90 degrees, allowing the resultant imagery to be presented to the screen in portrait orientation.

Simply install the iVision 30 or dVision 30 series projector pointing straight up (or straight down), rotated so that one side of the projector is closest to the screen, and the other side of the projector is closest to the back of the room (or the back wall of the rear projection room).

Once in this orientation, a small mirror is installed at a 45 degree angle, just above (or below) the projector lens. This folded-optic configuration allows the projector to vertically shoot a portrait image into the mirror, which then reflects that portrait orientation faithfully to the screen.

We don’t like to rely on “smoke and mirrors” to solving complex applications, but in the case of employing a dVision or iVision 30 series as a portrait display, a mirror (with no smoke) does the trick.

As another budget-minded alternative, although the iVision 20 series products cannot be employed at steep angles, or shooting straight down or straight up, these tiny but capable projectors can be utilized in portrait orientation, without the need for any additional cooling. Please note: when used in portrait orientation, the iVision 20 series vertical lens shift becomes horizontal lens shift.

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