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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Home Cinema Dealers - Watch Your Inbox…DP to Publish New Pricing This Week (4/1/11)
Home Cinema Dealers - Watch Your Inbox…DP to Publish New Pricing This Week (4/1/11)

DP is poised to publish new Dealer pricing, dated April 1st, 2011 Along with a variety of product and accessory updates, this new pricing document includes a number of important product announcements and price re-positioning. Specifically:

Official Launch of the E-Vision WXGA 600 – Although not a typical home cinema display, we have discovered that many of our home integration customers are drawn to the new E-Vision platform due to its wonderful color and sheer lumen-per-dollar performance. Boasting 6000 lumens through WXGA native resolution, the $7995 E-Vision serves as a great media display for larger screens and venues with ambient light.

Repositioning of the M-Vision Cine LED - The published List price on this remarkable 1080p Lifetime Illumination™ display is being reduced nearly 20%. In the case of the M-Vision Cine LED with the 1.85 – 2.40:1 lens, the price is moving from $15,995 to $12,995! Now, the amazing color saturation and near infinite black level of LED illumination is available at a price point that benefits more home cinemas than ever before. Remember, due to their extraordinary color saturation, lumen for lumen, LED illuminated projectors appear much brighter than lamp illuminated single-chip projectors with color wheels. In particular, we routinely see the M-Vision Cine LED employed in home cinemas with screen up to 8' wide with exceptional results…and the proud home theater owner will NEVER NEED TO REPLACE A LAMP!

Repositioning of the HIGHlite Cine 260– Our hugely popular, entry-level 3-chip platform offering stellar color, contrast and razor sharp resolution has exceeded our expectations. As a result of tremendous demand and high sales volume, we are able to reduce the HIGHlite Cine 260's List price by 20%, making it the most affordable way to enjoy DP's legendary 3-chip imaging! HIGHlite's are bright too – screens up to 12' wide fall right in their sweet spot.

NEW PRODUCT: TITAN 330 Series– The quietest TITAN's we offer, these powerfully capable 3-chip displays are now available 1080p native resolution. The new, ultra powerful and super efficient 330 platform offers DP's exclusive ColorMax, Xenon Color Mode, Intelligent Lens Mount and crystal clear optics. Further, the TITAN 1080p 330 is available in both high-brightness and Reference models, and as such, replaces both the TITAN 1080p-250 and 1080p-500 projectors on our price sheet. With up to 6000 lumens on tap, beautiful 3-chip color and contrast, the TITAN 330 can tackle screens from 10'-20' wide!

Aggressive Repositioning of the TITAN 1080p 3D – As the only active 3-chip DLP platform fully compatible with all current 3D standards, DP has enjoyed tremendous success with the TITAN 1080p 3D, in both our commercial AV and Home Cinema markets. This high demand and sales volume has allowed us to discover certain manufacturing efficiencies, and as a result, we are proud to announce a major reduction in the list price of this remarkable 3D display. Check the April 1 price sheet for the details!

NEW ADVANCEMENT: LIGHTNING 3D – In response to huge customer demand, all DP LIGHTNING displays now include active 3D capability! LIGHTNING 3D displays are available in 20,000 lumen and 30,000 lumen models, with 1080p being the primary resolution for the largest scale screening venues.

As you can see, this new price sheet includes a number of key enhancements to DP's product line and price points. Before the end of this week, DP Dealers will receive the announcement confirming our April 1 pricing has been posted to the Dealer log-in area of our web site, so watch your inbox!

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