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Friday, November 21, 2014
Digital Projection, EON Reality and CM Salter Display 3D BIM Files at Private Event
Digital Projection, EON Reality and CM Salter Display 3D BIM Files at Private Event

Digital Projection Displays 3D BIM Files Members of San Francisco's architectural community witnessed a first for their market at a recent invitation-only event held at the Charles M. Salter Associates (CSA) headquarters. Digital Projection and 3D imagery specialists EON Reality displayed full-resolution, immersive 3D BIM files during the May 19th event. Billed as the "3D BIM Party," attendees were treated to a casual atmosphere, seminars from leading 3D pioneers, and a special audio visual experience in conjunction with Meyer Sound.

Digital Projection Displays 3D BIM Files
Digital Projection Displays 3D BIM Files
Ken Graven VP and Director of Audiovisual with CSA kicked off the event, introducing DP's Southwest Regional Manager Paul Gomes as he discussed the technology behind 3D projection. Next was Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality, as he discussed the potential in converting BIM models to interactive 3D models. DP's 12,000 lumen TITAN WUXGA Dual 3D supplied the stunning 2D and 3D imagery throughout both presentations.

Digital Projection Displays 3D BIM Files
Johansson then surprised the attendees with a 3D cathedral demonstration that caused quite a stir. A Meyer Sound Constellation system, in conjunction with the TITAN 3D, paired 3D imagery and surround audio to simulate the acoustic conditions of a cathedral-like space. This inspired a good deal of discussion, as questions began to fly and the possibilities of what 3D immersion can deliver began to permeate. Attendees witnessed first-hand how the combination of real-time 3D visuals with acoustical simulation is a powerful way to immerse people in different spaces.

Attendees from numerous different markets embraced the technologies unveiled during the event in different ways. A member of the state court system envisioned stereoscopic 3D technology playing a role in attorney-created computer simulations of crime scenes. University-level architecture department attendees were quite interested in employing this technology for their own BIM studios.

DP would like to thank EON Reality and Meyer Sound, as well as send a special thank-you to everyone at CSA that helped plan, host and execute a fascinating and incredibly successful event. To read System Contractor News’ write-up of the event, click here:

If your company would like to discuss ideas on how to reveal the possibilities of immersive 3D imagery to your market and clients, simply contact your DP regional manager.

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