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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
CE Pro Webinar, "Selling High-Performance Video," Now Available Online
CE Pro Webinar, "Selling High-Performance Video," Now Available Online

Per research gathered by EH Publishing's CE Pro: The average price of an installation in the custom market in 2007 was $29,910. Today, it sits at $13,500, a 55 percent drop over four years.

CE Pro editor Jason Knott asserts that the recession had an obvious effect, but wonders if other factors, such as the proliferation of low-cost flat panels in the industry, hurt integrators so badly that it squeezed the profitability out of the business? Regardless, George Walter, VP of home cinema for DP, says the trend can be reversed.

In a brand-new webinar entitled, "How to Sell Luxury High-Performance Video", Walter focuses on how sales technique and the art of the demo can revive the lucrative luxury video sales channel. This is a must-watch webinar for dealers that have abandoned top-down video selling in favor of less profitable good/better/best selling.

Walter, Knott and Brandon Haggard of Dallas Extreme discuss demo techniques that boost high-end video sales, highlight proven successes with the approach, and suggest numerous strategies that integrators can immediately embrace. The FREE one-hour webcast is available now via

The webinar touches on existing and emerging luxury home theater technologies such as: 2.35:1 projector solutions, curved and masking screens, 3D/LED technology, media servers, internal/external processing and many other topics. Most importantly, it reminds us all that the majority of prospective customers will invest more to own products with clearly superior performance. This underscores the absolute importance of hosting impeccable product demonstrations.

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