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Saturday, October 25, 2014
Rave Reviews of the CES "Unforgettable Home Cinema" Demonstration
Rave Reviews of the CES "Unforgettable Home Cinema" Demonstration

CES - Consumer Electronics Showcase Display

If you didn't make it to the show, you can watch video recaps of the demo, as well as read the reactions to the experience BY CLICKING HERE.

DP could not have chosen at better time to "go big" at CES, as the 2012 event seems to have attracted more attendees and exhibitors than any previous CES show. With the "Unforgettable Home Cinema" experience, DP was able to introduce Hollywood-grade home entertainment to a huge number of enthusiasts.

This impressive home cinema demonstration was presented jointly by DP, Kaleidescape and D-BOX Technologies. Partners that also contributed to the success of this demonstration were Stewart Filmscreen, CinemaTech, Totem Acoustics, Crestron, ADA and Middle Atlantic.

Featuring incredible video, courtesy of DP's TITAN Reference 1080p-3D projector and a 14' Stewart Cinecurve screen, the demo enlisted powerful audio, a Kaleidescape movie server and a D-BOX motion system. CEDIA also contributed to the success of the demonstration, with associates educating the attendees on the electronic systems industry.

As you can see here, attendees unanimously praised this truly unforgettable demonstration. The Unforgettable Home Cinema experience was made possible through our respected partnerships with numerous industry innovators, including:

    •  D-BOX Technologies – Chair-encoded Motion Actuator Systems that deliver 3 axes of movement in sync with the on-screen action.

    •  Kaleidescape – DVD and Blu-ray movie server, comprised of a 1U Server and M700 Disc Vault.

    •  Stewart Filmscreen – 14 foot wide StudioTek 130 Cinecurve screen.

    •  Totem Acoustics – Wind speakers accompanied by Tribe center channel, sides, rears and sub.

    •  Crestron – Control system and touch screen.

    •  Middle Atlantic –BGR equipment rack.

    •  ADA – Amplification - Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B Home Cinema Controller, TEQ-12 ADA Twelve-Channel Trinnov EQ/Optimizer, PTM-6150 THX Six-Channel Power Amplifier.

    •  CinemaTech – Home theatre seating featured Le Grande Incliners.

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