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Monday, November 24, 2014
DP Embarks on Unprecedented InfoComm Sponsorship Throughout 2012
DP Embarks on Unprecedented InfoComm Sponsorship Throughout 2012

Digital Projection's InfoComm Sponsorships for 2012

In addition to the many other exciting announcements we have in store this year, we are thrilled to announce a huge campaign of support for InfoComm and its education endeavors throughout 2012. In addition to a sponsorship that makes DP the exclusive display products sponsor for infoComm's upcoming series of national Roundtable meetings through 2012, we will also be top-tier sponsor for the 1st annual InfoComm Live event in March. Further support includes the sponsorship of select webinars throughout the year aimed at assisting industry members with continuing education.

Free to InfoComm members, the Regional Roundtables are designed to bring AV professionals together to learn more about the industry, while facilitating peer networking and obtaining feedback on ways InfoComm can better serve the industry. Also of note: attendees can earn lucrative RU CTS: 1, CTS-D: 1, CTS-I: 1, Max: 1 by attending. More information here:

InfoComm Live
InfoComm Live is InfoComm International's invitation-only Live Event summit being held March 15 and 16 in Washington DC at the Harman Center for the Arts. Fifty Senior Managers, CEOs, Presidents and Owners from Live Event companies will come together for inspiration and thought-provoking discussions surrounding such trends as leadership in the age of social media, hybrid meetings, generations in the workplace, sustainability and the value proposition of AV technologists in Live Events. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss these trends and think in novel ways about the future and the Live events industry. More information here:

Too busy to leave the office for professional development? No budget for training? Need to earn renewal units (RUs) for your CTS? If you answered yes to any of the above, InfoComm International can help. More information here:

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