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Friday, November 28, 2014
Exciting New Display Products Launched at ISE 2012
Exciting New Display Products Launched at ISE 2012

TITAN 800-3D series and E-Vision WUXGA 8000

At ISE 2012, Digital Projection International revealed two important, all-new product platforms – the TITAN 800 series and the E-Vision WUXGA 8000. Below you'll find a summary of the powerful capabilities these new platforms offer.

Digital Projection's TITAN 800 projector

TITAN 800-3D series
Key Features: 3-chip DLP colorimetry, Warp & Blend, Intelligent Lens Memory, 12,000 lumens, extensive 3D capability.

As efficient as they are capable, the introduction of the 12,000 lumen TITAN 800-3D series marks another milestone in DP high brightness 3-chip DLP engineering, delivered in a chassis size that is more akin to far lower-lumen displays. Designed with a huge selection of professional features, the new TITAN 800 series provide more than enough capability to handle almost any commercial installation or staging application imaginable. The new TITAN 800 projectors are available in SX+, 1080p or WUXGA native resolution, and include powerful DP innovations, including:

    • Extraordinary lumen, contrast and color saturation – further enhanced through DP's ColorMax for precise color calibration

    • Flexible and easy to use Warp and Blend, including image rotation, PIP, PAP and POP

    • Intelligent lens memory, enabling the projector to accurately recall multiple presents of lens zoom, focus and shift position

    • Image Segmentation, for creating multi-projector displays with no video wall processor

    • The most extensive active and passive 3D connectivity available today

    • Dual-Flash Processing for presentation of sources at displayed frame rates up to 144 Hz

    • FastFrame motion blur reduction

    • CoolTek Engineering, assuring the highest lumens per watt, long lamp life, low power consumption and the lowest cost of ownership.

The TITAN 800-3D series extends DPI's powerful TITAN product line, the most capable and efficient 3-chip DLP displays available.

The new TITAN 800 line delivers many of the technological advances synonymous with the new TITAN Quad product line, at a more accessible price point. A remarkable range of lens shift allows for extensive installation flexibility, further augmented by a suite of fixed and zoom lenses with throw ratios ranging from .73 to 11.2:1. The TITAN Quad 800 3D series will commence shipping in April.

Digital Projection's E-Vision 8000 projector
E-Vision WUXGA 8000
Key Features: Incredibly priced bright and flexible display, WUXGA native resolution, Dual lamps, Warp & Blend, user swappable color wheels, extensive lens options, motorized lens shift, lens memory.

The E-Vision WUXGA 8000 brings a bold expansion of DP's E-Vision high-value, high-brightness series. With advanced features such as Warp & Blend and lens memory, the new 8K lumen E-Vision 8000 delivers incredible performance at a very affordable price.

A variety of fixed and zoom lens options gives the E-Vision WUXGA-8000 a flexible throw ratio range of .76:1 – 8.26:1. Swappable color wheel options allow the integrator or the end user to easily install the color wheel that provides the best balance of lumens and color depth to complement their application objectives and venue lighting conditions. The new E-Vision WUXGA 8000 is an unmatched solution for corporate boardrooms, conference venues, Houses of Worship, digital signage, and any other application needing bright, accurate imagery at a remarkably accessible price point.

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