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Friday, November 28, 2014
Ultimate Home Cinema Demonstration Wows Final EHX Expo
Ultimate Home Cinema Demonstration Wows Final EHX Expo

A veritable who's-who of precision home entertainment manufacturers recently partnered in displaying a Hollywood-grade home cinema at the final EHX Expo in Orlando, Florida. Hundreds of residential integrators experienced dazzling video, audio and immersive seating in an incomparable cinema demonstration throughout the three-day event. Additionally, the "Ultimate Home Cinema" demonstration allowed manufacturers such as Digital Projection International (DPI) to unveil their newly available dVision Scope 1080p projector.

Nothing complements a captivating 120” image, courtesy of the native 2.35:1 dVision Scope 1080p projector and a Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen, better than rich, sensual audio. Leon Speakers supplied a full audio solution, working in conjunction with ADA’s Cinema Reference Mach IV room optimization technology. Kaleidescape’s renowned movie server organized and displayed the cinematic demo clips. Seating partners CinemaTech and D-Box supplied luxurious theater seating combined with the thrill of fully activated seating. 

Ultimate Home Cinema Demonstration Woww Final EHX Expo
The premier native 2:35.1 projector solution for home cinemas, the Scope automatically shifts from 2:35 to 1.78 aspect ratios, depending on the content being shown. As this capability occurs within the projector, the Scope also introduces a 2:35.1 capable projection solution that does not necessitate an external anamorphic lens. This simplifies installation, as well as lowers overall system cost by avoiding the additional expensive of an anamorphic lens.

Ultimate Home Cinema Demonstration Woww Final EHX Expo
Building on the success of recent “Ultimate Home Cinema” demonstrations at the 2011 CEA Line Shows in New York City and 2012 CES Expo in Las Vegas, the demo members gladly acknowledge the value in such a partnership. George Walter, vp of home cinema for DPI, commented, “It’s an honor to partner with such well-established, respected companies. We share a dedication to producing exceptional entertainment solutions, as well as a commitment to the custom philosophy. “

Ultimate Home Cinema Demonstration Woww Final EHX Expo
Home cinema enthusiasts can next experience the “Ultimate Home Cinema” demonstration at the 2012 CEA Line Shows event in New York City, held in June.

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