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Elite Home Theater

Project: Private Home Theater - Audio Advice, North Carolina

Founded by Leon Shaw in 1978, Audio Advice is the premier home entertainment provider and systems integrator in North Carolina. An Audio Advice client recently requested a professional theater that delivers unmatched video and audio quality when watching sporting events and Hollywood features. Audio Advice enlisted some of the most well-respected home cinema components available to create this high-performance theater, which measured approximately 24’ x 15’ upon completion.

DPI Audio Advice NC

Digital Projection’s TITAN Reference 1080p 3D projector acts as the basis for the theater, bringing an inspiring level of brightness and image contrast to any content played in the theater. A 138” Stewart Cinecurve screen serves as the perfect complement to the gorgeous visual experience.

Content from a Kaleidescape movie server, DirecTV and Apple TV are fed to the display. A custom Audio Advice Crestron Signature control system manages control of all the components throughout the theater.

Audio is delivered by a JBL Synthesis speaker and EQ 7.2 system. A Lexicon video processor and JBL power amps are installed for all speakers.

Projector Used

• TTITAN Reference 1080p 3D

Feedback from the Client

“Both the factory and rep support are outstanding. Their projectors just work. You can install one and essentially just forget about it... Most people make a point to remark that it’s the best theater experience they’ve ever had.” – Phil Melton of Audio Advice

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