Cantara Design


Project: Private Home Theater - Cantara Design, California 

Cantara Design of Los Angeles, CA, recently completed a massive 45-seat private cinema of such magnitude and quality that it raises the bar for private cinemas worldwide. The video system features a record-breaking 18’ wide Stewart curved screen paired with a Digital Projection TITAN Reference 1080p 3D projector. The audio system is a tremendous Genelec speaker array, which includes screen speakers usually used in the world’s largest professional mixing studios. Ten high-powered surround speakers and eighteen 12” subwoofers complete the speaker package, all calibrated through a studio-grade QSC Signal Processor.

Cantara Design

Each of the 45 seats among the main auditorium and balcony enjoy total luxury and ultimate cinematic performance. The front row of chairs feature D-Box motion seats.

The 18 foot wide 3D curved screen, one of the largest residential curved screens in the world, elevates this room beyond a traditional home theater and into the category of true Private Cinema.

The balcony features two 46” LED screens which display the same content as the big screen. This area also features two pair of surround speakers, so guests enjoy the same audio quality as on the main level.

Projector Used 

• TITAN Reference 1080p 3D

Feedback from the Client 

“The room’s performance blows past any preconceived expectation of what film should sound or look like, and consistently earns the comment ‘This is the best theater I have ever experienced’ from guests and industry veterans alike.” – Jason Voorhees, principal at Cantara Design

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