✓ 37,000 ISO / 33,000 ANSI (WUXGA) / 31,000 ISO / 27,500 ANSI (4K-UHD) Lumens  ✓ 18,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio  ✓ WUXGA / 4K-UHD Resolution

TITAN Laser – A Legend is Reborn! Unbelievably bright and powerful 3-Chip Laser Projector delivering with a surprisingly affordable price tag

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The Titan Laser 37000 delivers up to 37,000 (WUXGA) or up to 31,000 (4K-UHD) Lumens from a relatively compact chassis, making it the ideal projector for the most demanding of large-venue applications. Where bright, pin sharp images are required there should be no compromise.

This class-leading 3-Chip DLP projector utilises the very latest in connectivity, including DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 and HDBaseT. The advanced electronics also bring HDR processing to the large venue class of projectors, and features such as Constant Brightness Control and DMX Art-Net compatibility make it the idea solution for high profile events and fixed installations.

As would be expected for a projector in this class, the TITAN Laser comes with features such as Non-linear Warp, Geometry Correction, Edge Blending, Picture in Picture and much more as standard.

Users of the TITAN Laser  in live environments will also benefit from the real time clock for on/off automation; email alerts and PC based central control software. An optional lens adaptor allows a variety of non-Digital Projection lenses to be used with the TITAN, thus overcoming the penalty of investment in new glass when upgrading to the latest projection technology.


Why Choose Digital Projection

Key Specs
  • 37,000 Lumens (WUXGA)
  • 31,000 Lumens (4K-UHD)
  • WUXGA or 4K-UHD Resolution
  • 18,000:1 Contrast
  • Sealed Optics
  • 20,000 hours illumination
  • Laser Phosphor
  • Edge Blending
  • Geometry Correction
  • Projector Control Software

Key Features

Built in Warp & Blend

– Semi-automated multi projector tiling

– Correction for non-active pixels at the edge of the display.


2 x HDMI 1.4b HDCP 1.4 for Dual Pipe processing and Frame Sequential 3D Format.
Sequential Processing: 3D via single HDMI 1.4b input
Dual Pipe Processing: 3D Left and Right eyes via two HDMI1.4b inputs.
Syncronisation of active glasses.

SmartStack System

The intuitive stacking mechanisms means that TITAN Laser projectors can be lock-stacked without any additional rigging frames or expense.

Sealed Optics

The optical system, from the laser light source up to the lens is completely sealed and can be considered IP60 rated. This ensures that light output and colour performance will not be degraded due to the ingress of dust. Additionally, this projector is completely filterless as the system is liquid cooled and uses a radiator heat exchanger, minimising maintenance as no replacement or cleaning of filters is necessary and allows unrestricted airflow. Read More >>

5 Year Warranty in EMEA

Due to the proven reliability and long-term performance of our laser projectors, Digital Projection provides a full 5 years / 20,000 hours warranty.

Intelligent Lens Memory

Intelligent Lens Memory (ILM) feature provides automatic re-positioning of all lens adjustments whenever a user selects sources of varying aspect ratios. Precise and quiet, this advanced capability guides lens zoom, focus and shift to any one of up to 10 user-defined present locations.

Projector Control Software

Ideal for use in large installations or where projectors are in multiple locations in a building, the software can dramatically reduce the time required for set up and configuration – all from a single network enabled PC.

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