Visitor Attraction

Digital Projection have projectors for almost any visitor attraction site.

Digital Projection's range include Laser & LED illuminated projectors as well as traditional lamp based projectors. For visitor attractions where long life illumination is required, the solid=-state, lamp free projectors come into their own. Ranging from 1,000 Lumen M-Vision LED projectors to the 11,000 Lumen HIGHlite Laser, there is a digital projector to meet your needs.

Where a cost effective solution is required, the single-chip E-Vision series provide stunning images and colour from small and compact chassis.

The full range includes resolutions up to 4K (4096 x 2160) with short throw lenses suitable for difficult environments where space is limited..  Additionally, numerous projectors within the product line are compatible with a wide range of truncated and full dome lenses for dome and planetarium use.

Each Digital Projection projector offer consistent color management, remarkable contrast performance and installation flexibility.

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