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Sunday, November 23, 2014
3D Entertainment is Extraordinary... and Expanding!
3D Entertainment is Extraordinary... and Expanding!

First there was a string of 3D concert presentations and an ambitious commitment from Hollywood Studios to put over 30 3D films in production through 2012.

Next there was A Christmas Carol (click here to read our prior review). That recent 3D remake of the classic story left us with a warm feeling of hope, and very impressed with how quickly Hollywood was learning to employ state-of-the-art 3D technology to improve our film entertainment experience.

Now we have been given the gift of Avatar – the breathtaking and truly amazing creation of James Cameron. This all new, extra-terrestrial monster of a story has epic written all over it, and left us blown away by how powerful 3D entertainment can be when the creator’s vision, script, setting, characters, production tools and cinematography are all aligned to achieve maximum viewer immersion through artful, multi-dimensional story telling. If you have not treated yourself to Avatar yet, you have a revolutionary cinema experience to look forward to.

It is not that surprising that James Cameron was the first Hollywood veteran to create a film that truly delivers on the complete promise of 3D entertainment. Those who have followed the technological progress of 3D for commercial cinemas over the past few years may know that for more than a decade, James Cameron has been a relentless and uncompromising Hollywood advocate for 3D. Cameron has been outspoken in his view that 3D was destined to be the next compelling advancement for cinema, and insisted that the necessary 3D infrastructure be in place before he released Avatar.

Wired magazine published two great articles on James Cameron, Avatar, and the technology behind Avatar in December, which you can find here:

With his inspiring vision, astounding skill at pulling new technologies together to create an impossibly realistic virtual world and virtual characters, and considering the record-smashing box office receipts the film has achieved so far, it is fair to say that Mr. Cameron has successfully proven his point – when approached as a medium in its own right, 3D entertainment can transform the cinema experience into something far more encompassing than it has ever been. Not surprisingly, the rapidly increasing flow of 3D content to cinemas and their related box office receipts have garnered the attention of a diversity of top tier content and hardware providers. As Hollywood knows better than anyone, “Content is King.” Their latest creations are so formidable, they have inspired these top tier companies to create the technology and pipelines that will bring revolutionary 3D content to our homes.

On the hardware side, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Direct TV have all announced they will be shipping 3D capable flat panel displays, 3D capable Blu-ray players, and 3D-capable satellite receivers during the 2nd half of 2010. Sony has even indicated that the Blu-ray players in recent PlayStation consoles will be upgradable to 3D capability via a firmware update. NVidia has been shipping graphics cards capable of rendering immersive 3D gaming for quite some time, and both their products and the 3D games keep getting better and more affordable. If you are a 3D gamer or have a computer buddy with a 3D gaming setup, be sure to check out the Avatar 3D game. It does the movie justice while adding more evidence of the multi-dimensional impact that stems from the variety of 3D platforms, destined to become part of our lives.

For certain, by the end of 2010, consumers will have numerous hardware options that will playback, stream or serve 3D content. There will be dozens of 3D flat-panel displays suited for smaller viewing environments, and Digital Projection will continue to extend the reach of our extraordinary 3D projection displays for home, commercial and public venues seeking to create the most immersive 3D screening environments available today.

On the 3D content side, during the eve of January’s CES show, major 3D content commitments were made by ESPN, the Discovery Channel, Europe's BSkyB and DirecTV. The commitments of these powerful media giants assures the tech savvy, early adopters of 3D technology will have a broad selection of 3D content to enjoy. Hollywood movies, major concert events, major sporting events and pristine documentaries represent the tip of the immense 3D content catalog that will soon be ours for the viewing.

This tremendous wave of momentum is great news for Digital Projection’s dealers and customers, as DPI's extensive line of 3D displays continue to be recognized as THE award winning large-screen solutions that provide the most immersive and precise 3D experiences. Certainly, anyone making the investment in any of our 3D products can now have complete confidence that there will be plenty of top tier 3D content to enjoy.

For those who want to commence enjoying a diversity of 3D content today, while simultaneously simplifying their management of 3D technology in the future, DP also offers our exclusive Total 3D Experience System. These expertly engineered, turnkey solutions can be ordered with any of our award winning TITAN or LIGHTNING 3D displays, and include the highest performance 3D glasses and emitter from Real-D, along with a Level 1 or Level 2 Dimension server. The Dimension server is the heart of the Total 3D Experience System, providing an easy to use, touch screen compatible media hub that serves a wide variety of 3D entertainment.

For all the details on the Total 3D Experience system, click here. For more information on any of DP’s award winning 3D displays, or for more details on the Dimension Server or our Total 3D Experience System, simply contact your DP regional sales manager by clicking here.

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