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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Proper Environmental Cooling for TITAN Projection Systems
Proper Environmental Cooling for TITAN Projection Systems

In most AV systems, Digital Projection's displays mounted in an open space require no special venting or cooling, as long as the ambient room temperature is within normal ranges (65°F - 85°F).

However, some applications require the projector be enclosed, to either preserve the architectural integrity of the venue, or to reduce ambient room noise to an absolute minimum. In cases where a projector is enclosed, it is extremely important to properly ventilate the enclosure.

In the TITAN family of projectors, DP created a mechanical architecture that reveals a simple and efficient airflow path. Filtered cool air moves through the chassis with few obstructions and few turns, minimizing back pressure as well as noise due to airflow turbulence. When a projector is placed in an enclosure, this same care and attention must be given to properly ventilate the enclosure system. It is advisable to install a temperature sensor inside the enclosure that can trigger the cooling system as necessary and cut off power to the projector should the enclosure cooling system fail.

Forced fresh air is a requirement for adequately cooling an operating projector. In the case of using an enclosure with a TITAN projector, it is important for the fresh air to enter the enclosure nearest the projector's air intake at the front of the projector near the lens. The term "fresh air" implies that the feed must be free of any airborne contaminants such as oil, grease or dust, as these will prematurely clog the projectors air filtration system.

Equally important – the enclosure must allow a free flow from the projector's exhaust. In fact, the enclosure's exhaust should be placed as close to the projector's exhaust as possible. This will serve to assure fresh air is freely moving into the enclosure, while exhaust air is quickly being removed. This design guarantees the ambient air temperature in the enclosure always remains within the projector's operational specifications.

As is illustrated with the above concerns, enclosure design can be straightforward, as long as the basic principles of "fresh air in" and "exhaust air out" are managed. If you would like some guidance on the design of your projector enclosure, we are happy to help. Simply contact DP's Application Support team at 770-420-1350.

The above table will also provide you with a good deal of technical data that should be considered when designing an enclosure to house a TITAN projection system. Click the image or click here to download this document as a high-resolution pdf.

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