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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
InfoComm 2012 – It’s Finally Here!
InfoComm 2012 – It’s Finally Here!

Digital Projection's InfoComm Teaser

With infoComm kicking off this week (!), you can be sure the DP team is in the final moments of constructing our dynamic exhibit in the Las Vegas Convention Center. As mentioned last month, 2012 marks DP's historic 15 year anniversary , and to commemorate that celebration, our exhibit at InfoComm will be packed with the latest in class-leading projection technology. We are proudly announcing new models across our entire range of remarkable projectors – from the mighty and budget friendly E-Vision series to our flagship 30,000 lumen LIGHTNING Pro Series 3D displays, there will be lots of new and exciting projection powerhouses to see in the DP booth.

Coming to the show? Here's a glimpse of our newest projection solutions and technology innovations – examples of which will all be on exhibit:

• E-Vision – Initially launched just a short year ago, the original E-Vision WXGA 600 packed a powerful combination of high lumens and affordability. The E-Vision platform has been so successful, we are launching 3 brand-new E-Vision models:
  — E-Vision WXGA 7000 – An evolution of the original 600 series, sporting a new, rugged all-metal chassis, higher lumens, Warp, Blend, 3D capability and user replaceable color wheels. Now, DP customers can have a powerfully bright projector at an entry level price point with all the bells and whistles!
  — E-Vision 1080p 8000 & WUXGA 8000 – The new 8000 series E-Vision models have been engineered into DP's streamlined "cine" style cabinets, while retaining all-metal construction. Boasting 8,000 blistering lumens through either 1080p or WUXGA native resolution, the E-Vision 8000 series is packed with an arsenal of inputs, offers an array of lens options, Warp, Blend and user swappable color wheels.

• M-Vision – Our most popular single-chip platform, the diverse M-Vision series covers a wide range of applications, from visualization and simulation to fortune 5000, education and even home cinema. At infoComm, we will launch the 2nd generation of the M-Vision 3D projector, which incorporates full plug and play connectivity with all HDMI 1.4a sources. Enjoying immersive 3D has never been easier, and with 5,500 lumens of imaging brightness on tap, big 3D entertainment is now within reach at a single-chip price point.

• dVision – HUGE enhancements to our dVision product line are being announced at the show. Here is a summary of the most noteworthy:
  — Introduction of the new dVision 35 series, featuring frame rates up to 120 Hz on most models, and Connect + technology, which provides input expansion and extended compatibility options with sources such as 3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4a.
  — The all-new dVision 35 LED displays produce more that 1000 lumens of precise, color-saturated LED illumination. Offering Lifetime Illumination of 60,000+ hours, the new dVision 35-LED models are available in 1080p, WUXGA and WQXGA resolution. Imagine – more than 4 million pixels from an LED illuminated projector that will run in a typical application for a lifetime. Especially noteworthy; the 1080p and WUXGA models are the first LED illuminated projectors to offer active 3D display capability!
  — Significant price repositioning on nearly all dVision products. Costs have been adjusted by as much as 20% on many models. Same great product – sharper price!

• TITAN Pro Series 3 / 3D
  — DP's award-winning TITAN product line has evolved – and for InfoComm 2012, every model is all new, benefitting from the latest evolution of our NextGen electronics. Major enhancements include:
      • Advanced Warp and Blend with minimal video latency
      • 3G-SDI input, standard
      • FastFrame motion blur reduction
      • Intelligent Lens Mount
      • Xenon Color Mode – for super-accurate color calibration
      • New, rugged, lighter and quieter chassis
      • Single lamp, dual lamp and Quad lamp models, with brightness up to 16,000 lumens!
      • Full 3D connectivity to the most diverse range of high frame rate and HDIM 1.4a sources. 3D is either standard or offered as an option on all TITAN models.
      • TITANs remain the smallest, most capable and most efficient 3-chip DLP projectors available today!
  — TITAN 800 Pro Series 3D: At infoComm, we are proudly introducing our newest dual lamp TITAN platform – the 12,000 lumen TITAN 800 series. Equipped with the same remarkable capabilities as our 16,000 lumen TITAN Quad 3D models, 800's produce the highest lumen per watt performance of any 3-chip projector in their class. Additionally, the new 800 displays offer full 3D connectivity, Warp, Blend, Intelligent Lens Mount, and a host of other DP exclusive technologies – all standard.

• LIGHTNING Pro Series 3D
  — The Flagship of DP's 3-chip product lineup, our LIGHTNING series has also evolved to incorporate new optical enhancements, as well as the latest innovations of our NextGen electronics. All LIGHTNING Pro Series 3D models now include:
      • Full 3D connectivity to a diverse range of high frame rate and HDMI 1.4a sources
      • Advanced Warp and blend with minimal video latency
      • 3G-SDI inputs, standard
      • FastFrame motion blur reduction
      • Intelligent lens mount
• Hyper-cooled lamp modules with super efficient glass reflectors
      • Available in 1080p, WUXGA and SX+, with astounding brightness, from 20,000 to 30,000 lumens.
      • DP's exclusive RapidRig system, providing easy projector flying and stacking, along with independent pitch roll and yaw adjustments per projector, standard.
      • LIGHTNINGs remain the smallest, most capable and most efficient large venue powerhouse displays in the world.

In addition to this huge array of amazing new products, presented in an outrageously open environment, DP will be offering some outstanding InfoComm show specials across a vast expanse of our product range. Be sure to ask your DP regional manager or rep about our InfoComm Specials. Also worth noting… EVERY PROJECTOR IN DP's PRODUCT LINE INCLUDES A 3 YEAR WARRANTY! If you have projects in the works, visiting DP at InfoComm will present a feast for your eyes, as well as a serious opportunities to catch a once in a lifetime deal on the world's most magnificent projection displays.

See you in Vegas!

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