Digital Projection at Antalya Expo

Digital Projection was selected to provide the projection technology for a variety of visitor attractions of the Antalya Expo 2016. The expo sits on a 112-hectare site in Aksu with a horticultural theme.

Benart, a Digital Projection integrator and distributor in Turkey were tasked with bringing many aspects of the Expo to life, ranging from the opening ceremony and exhibits to the day to day running of the site.

They designed and implemented the Digital Bridge that used 60 E-Vision 6800 projectors. The projectors were chose due to their compact chassis and high brightness output. Each of the projectors utilized short throw lenses and were blended together to produce a seamless immersive forest theme complete with audio and video. The projectors were integrated with media servers and Extron DTP DVI 4K 330 extenders

E-Vision 6800 projectors were also deployed into a huge climate controlled greenhouse where users could play interactive games with real time results projected onto the 132” screens.

25,000 lumen Digital Projection INSIGHT 4K Quad projectors were used for some of the outdoor spaces. There are 2 giant air screens that show a variety of movies in the evening in full 4K resolution. The outdoor main stage has hosted variety of A-List musicians and the 4K projectors are also utilised to provide a backdrop to their shows.

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