March Headlines

New Home Cinema Pricing Released

As of March 28th, Digital Projection has released an update to our official Home Cinema Dealer pricing. Notable changes to this price list include:

  • Addition of high-contrast lenses for TITAN 1080p & sx+
  • Price adjustments on some TITAN projectors
  • Addition of various copper DVI and HDMI cables
  • Price adjustments to various lamps

DPI home cinema Dealers can log on to the DPI website to download the pricing and update your information.

Click HERE to log into

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2007 Road Show Underway!

Our first stop on the 2007 Road Show occurred in conjunction with NSCA earlier this month in Orlando. Road Show attendees were able to take a close look at the newest iVision, dVision, TITAN, and LIGHTNING projectors as well as screen technology from Stewart Filmscreen.

We are also pleased to announce that RGB Spectrum will be partnering with Digital Projection on 6 of our remaining 8 Road Shows! RGB Spectrum will be showing their SuperView 4000 windowing system on our TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro Series displays.

To schedule an appointment to join us for the product Road Show in your area, please contact your DP Regional Manager, local Manufacturer’s Representative or complete the online form below.

Road Show Registration Form

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Harmony In The DP Product Line

With the launch of our new LIGHTNING Pro iSX+ displays, DP’s Pro Series product line is becoming immensely synergistic. 

The LIGHTNING iSX+ shares the same next generation electronics as our TITAN sx+ and 1080p products, thus, their remote controls and user interfaces are identical.  Commonality of the integrated electronics assures that projectionists familiar with the TITAN OSD will automatically be competent with the setup of the LIGHTNING iSX+ platform.  It is probably worth mentioning that future LIGHTNING products, to be launched later this year, will also employ our new Next-Gen electronics.

With respect to lenses, the LIGHTNING iSX+, TITAN sx+ and TITAN 1080p projectors all use our new “mini-2K” lenses.  In addition, the future LIGHTNING products, referenced above, will also employ these super high quality optics.  Key benefits of the Mini-2K lenses include:

  • Increased horizontal and vertical shift range
  • Improved resolution
  • Ultra-low geometric distortion
  • Available in both High Brightness and High Contrast Variants

By providing one suite of high performance lenses across these two chassis, DP has simplified the Dealers’ projector/lens specification process and streamlined inventory management.  The same benefits apply to Stagers operating mixed fleets of LIGHTNING and TITAN projectors – one common inventory of “mini-2K” lenses can support a range of projectors, from 5500 – 21000 lumens, at both sx+ and 1080p resolution.

All of the details and specifications of these lenses can be found in the appropriate TITAN or LIGHTNING user manual.
Both TITAN and LIGHTNING units equipped with mini-2K lenses will be on display at all 9 stops of Digital Projection’s 2007 Roadshow.  Register for the show to experience the stellar performance of these optics first hand.

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2007 Rep Awards

Digital Projection recently held our annual Rep Meeting earlier this month at NSCA. In addition to covering the exciting new product developments for 2007, DPI also honored our top Manufacturer's Reps of 2006. Congratulations to all of these

Mike Levi, DPI President, presents the Commercial Rep of the Year Award to Naryan Kaimal and Toby Dashbach of Sapphire Marketing.

2006 Power Start Award
NewComm Technologies
Based in the mid-atlantic U.S., NewComm Technologies joined DPI in 2006 and immediately began making an impact in the Commercial A/V market. As the fastest growing new Rep on the DPI team, NewComm Technologies received the 2006 Power Start award.

2006 Home Cinema Rep of the Year
AV Partners
For the second year in a row, AV Partners of southern California has excelled in the placement of high-end DPI projectors in the most elite home cinemas on the west coast.

2006 Commercial A/V Rep of the Year

Sapphire Marketing
For the 3rd year in a row, Sapphire Marketing has reigned superior in the Northeast U.S . All of the team at Sapphire are experts in the products, programs, and history of Digital Projection and their employees are truly considered an extension of the DPI team.

Congratulations to all of our award-winning Reps!

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EH Expo Wrap-Up

Attracting visitors from all over the east coast, the 2007 EH Expo held in Orlando Florida was a resounding success. Our demonstration area was packed as soon as we opened the doors and we stayed late every day treating visitors to the stunning imagery that only Digital Projection International can provide.

This year, DPI partnered with our Manufacturer’s Rep Orion Integrated System’s LLC. We shared a meeting room in the “Demo Alley” area of the show. Acoustic Innovations provided a complete Home Cinema environment where our dVision HD projector was featured. Visitors were guided through the dVision HD room and then into an additional theater equipped with the high-resolution dVision 1080p coupled with an HD-DVD player. We used a clip from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” which provided a great source of color and contrast for our dVision projectors. For recommendations of great demo content to display in your show rooms, contact DP at any time.  Screen Research provided an acoustically neutral screen and Cabasse Loudspeakers provided the spectacular audio.

As a reminder, if you have a great marketing opportunity that you think both Digital Projection and your company could benefit from, don’t hesitate to speak with your regional sales manager!

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What Do Digital Projection & NASCAR Have In Common?

Photo of the Month

You have to see them both in person to truly appreciate the Power and Precision!

Thanks to the sweeping generosity of Texas Instruments, more than 60 DP associates, customers, consultants and family members turned out for the Kobalt 500 NASCAR race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 18th. While taking an amazing tour of Pit Row, half of our group stopped and mugged for this photo in Victory lane.


During the race we had a flawless view of the entire track from TI's private suite in the Earnhardt Grandstand. Along with all the drivers, top celebrities spotted during the day included Roger Staubach, Darryl Waltrip and Kurt Russell.

Joining DP's associates were NASCAR fans from Audio Automation, CTG, Baker Audio, Technical Innovation, TRG and Waveguide Consulting. We all want to thank TI for a wonderful day at the races!

Go #96!

Photo of the month archive

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Updated Technical Resources
How and Where To Find What You Need

DPI offers several online resources to our dealers and installers to educate and provide information regarding our products and how they can be fully utilized in various applications. Most recently, the following documents have been added or updated:

  • TITAN and LIGHTNING Pro Series user manuals have been updated to revision B. All of these documents include the much requested measurements for length of lenses when mounted in the projector.
  • Mentioned in last month's tech tip, the VIP 2000 firmware upgrade application is available HERE
  • Spec sheets, CAD drawings, and automation control codes are constantly being uploaded and updated as changes occur.

Just look under the support tab on the left column to find this wealth of information, and remember, the “search” feature of our website may be your quickest path to a solution!

Tech Tip Archive

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