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Witness DP's Largest CEDIA Exhibit in Booth #4340!

Gearing Up for CEDIA 2011

Monumental new product unveilings, training and spectacular visual displays await DP's dealers, end-users and industry partners.

Digital Projection's CEDIA 2011 exhibit will be another milestone production - expected to fill 3 semi trucks full of gear. In the largest CEDIA booth DP has ever created, the expansive, 3600 square foot projection show room will feature 14 distinct DP models, displayed in galleries and formal theaters. Within this massive space, a plentiful mix of newly-launched displays and proven projector powerhouses will dazzle spectators with rich, bright 2D and 3D imagery. Rest assured that Booth #4340 will be an essential stop for integrators, end users and industry partners alike.

Register or log in to receive a free pass to CEDIA Expo at the following link: Use the 2011GP coupon code once you're in the system.


NEW for CEDIA 2011 – DP is Conducting Certified Training at CEDIA
DP will be holding six product training classes at CEDIA in Indianapolis! You can find the DP classes listed in the CEDIA EXPO Guide under manufacturer training classes. Dealers should register through CEDIA to attend. DPI classes are worth .75 CEDIA CEU's. Class titles include:
- Projection Technology 101
- Introduction to 3D Projection Video

For full details, and to register for these classes, please click here.

In addition to the major product announcements, training and dynamic booth, don't forget:

- DP's new dVision 35-1080p 3D is the ONLY projector up for a CEDIA "Best New Product" award.

- DP is the ONLY projector manufacturer sponsoring Thursday night's industry-wide CEDIA party. If you have a badge, you're invited! DP, in partnership with CEDIA, Lutron, Peerless AV, Ultralink and American Express OPEN will bring you a night of live music, food, beverages and more. Click for more info.

- DP will have the ONLY projectors in the Future Tech Pavilion, where we'll be displaying a massive 20'+ wall of blended video in conjunction with a custom Stewart screen, Crestron control solution and more.

- TOP-SECRET - This year's booth will contain a secret spectacle that will, without a doubt, be the talk of the show – something DP has never previously attempted. A true MUST-SEE!

Read on to see everything we have in store at CEDIA, travel safe, and we'll see you in Indy!

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CEDIA New Product and Warranty Unveiling

DP's New Product Reveal

CEDIA 2011 is just 1 week away! After months of designing and planning, DP's CEDIA exhibit is nowrising from the show floor, with DP team members and resources from all corners of the world working to bring it all together.

Our CEDIA 2011 exhibit will be another milestone production - filling 3 semi trucks full of gear. Nearly 25 tons of hardware is being deployed to create an expansive, 3600 square foot projection show room, featuring 14 distinct DP models displayed in galleries and formal theaters.

We are proud to be presenting all of our projectors on state-of-the-art projection screens provided by Stewart FilmScreen.

As you might expect, we have major new products and news to unveil at the show. Here is a glimpse of some of the bigger announcements:

    • dVision 35-1080p-3D: The newest 3D platform to join the array of 3D displays in our product line, the dVision 3D products will be available in a selection of color wheels, to optimize projector brightness for specific screen sizes and home venues. While DP also offers another impressive single-chip 3D platform, the M-Vision Cine 3D, the dual-lamp dVision projectors benefit from more extensive capabilities, and as such, provide extensive flexibility in both source connectivity and installation capabilities. As one example, the superb dVision optics provide the greatest range of throw ratios and available lens shift.

    • dVision Scope 1080p: Another important new dVision platform, but this one is based on the native WQXGA (2560 x 1600) DMD – a DP exclusive. In the dVision "Scope," the native resolution of the WQXGA chip is masked down to 2560 x 1080 pixels. This enables constant height "TheaterScope" applications without the need for costly anamorphic optics and mechanical sled systems. Here's how it works:

** CLICK HERE to read the full new product reveal, learn more about our CEDIA party, and much more! **

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DP's Ultimate Single-Chip 3D Projector Chosen as "Best New Products" Finalist at CEDIA '11

DP's Ultimate Single-Chip 3D Projector Chosen as

What a way to launch a new product! Hot on the heels of unveiling the dVision 35-1080p 3D, the display has been recognized as the only projector up for a "Best New Product" award at the upcoming CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. An unmatched single-chip DLP 3D projector uniquely adaptable to both 2D and 3D applications, the dVision 35-1080p 3D delivers a distinct home theater projector to the residential market. Equally capable of both active and passive 3D, the dual lamp dVision delivers the most flexible, performance-driven 2D and 3D precision projector available today.

Wish us luck, and we'll see you at the Awards Banquet on Saturday night! To see the rest of the finalists, click here:

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Please Vote - Numerous DP Dealers Up for HGTV Awards at CEDIA

We're proud to announce that DP Dealers were responsible for a huge number of the installations up for a People's Choice Award. Way to go DP Team! Please take a moment to tour some of the top professional home theater, media room and integrated home installations of 2011, then vote for your favorite designs from each category.

Click here to view the nominated installations:,2595,HPRO_20196_103133,00.html

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DP University Training Update

Mark Your Calendars! DP is proud to announce three new upcoming factory training events:

1) Commercial Rep Factory Training, October 12th and 13th

2) Projection Technology 101, November (dates to be announced)

3) Fusion – Warp and Blend Training, December (dates to be announced)

Be sure to get on our email distribution list for monthly training updates by sending a request to

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Digital Projection is Growing…in a Major Way!

You've likely noticed the many new DP Team members we've added and announced in previous newsletters. DP's growth continues on all fronts, and in all facets, and the new faces we'd like to introduce below are more welcome additions to the team.

Digital Projection is Growing!
DP's Operations Team would like to extend a hearty "Welcome Back" to Angie Santy. After taking a few years of time off to spend with family, Angie has re-joined DP as Operations Coordinator. Everyone is glad to have her back in this role, to be sure.

DP's Warehouse Team welcomes Karen Arp as Inventory Coordinator. Karen is responsible for tracking, recording and organizing DP's incoming and outgoing projector and peripheral inventory.

DP's Technical Support Department welcomes Antionique (Nique) Davenport to the team as Technical Support Engineer. Nique recently received her Bachelor's of Electrical Engineering Technology, and will field all technical service calls, as well as aid DP's customers with service questions.

DP's Finance Team welcomes Nev Skowron as the Accounting Administrative Assistant. Nev's responsibilities center on organizing and streamlining the company's inventory management.

Please help us welcome each new team member as you speak to them in your daily exchanges with DP's headquarters. We're honored to have each of them as a part of our team.

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Home Cinema Factory Rep Training Event

Home Cinema Rep Training

Last month Digital Projection held its first Home Cinema Manufacturer Rep Factory Training course since constructing our brand new training facility. The event was well received and included reps from all regions of the United States and Canada. "It was great to open up our new facility to our reps and get their input as we move forward to create a new best in industry training program for our dealers," said Ken Eagle, DP's Manager of Education and Training.

Home Cinema Rep Training
Home Cinema reps had the opportunity to tour the new facility, review the latest additions to the DP line, attend Projection Technology Training in the new classroom and work in our calibration lab. Attendees also witnessed a ColorMax color calibration of our CEDIA Expo 2009 award-winning TITAN Reference 3D projector. "This is an amazing new facility and this was a great all around learning experience," said Bob Dorrance of Home Cinema Marketing in Louisville, Kentucky. The event concluded with a memorable group outing to an Atlanta Braves ball game, where the Braves won in the bottom of the 11th inning.

Home Cinema Rep Training
Additional training classes are scheduled in the new training center later this year in October, November and December. Training classes will include everything from product training to designing warp and blend applications to ISF certification and more. Be sure to get on our email distribution list for monthly updates by sending a request to

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DP Dealers – Proudly Display the DP Logo on Your Products Page

Dowload the DP Logo

Digital Projection has repeatedly chosen to resist the distribution model, instead choosing to invest in the knowledge and business acumen of our dealer network, and supporting our dealers directly.

Our commitment to our dealers and industry partners has helped produce gradual yet substantial growth for DP, year after year. A special thanks to the integrators that have stood by us over the years and to our new customers who have joined the DP family more recently.

As we enter a new era of world-wide expansion, we'd appreciate being displayed on your company site. With that in mind, please take a moment to add the DP logo and website URL to your products page. You can download a suitable logo by visiting:

The more recognized the brand, the more sales opportunities emerge for all of our customers. As our goal is to pass more leads on to you directly, you can help us in this endeavor by "flying the flag" of Digital Projection. Many thanks for your continued partnership.

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Photos of the Month

LAVA systems, Lexington, ky

LAVA Uses Digital Projection
LAVA Systems of Lexington, Kentucky, uses a bold AV-driven exterior to entice downtown Lexington passersby into their company showroom. As their headquarters are based in a bustling, urban area with steady foot traffic, LAVA decided to enlist digital signage to stand out from the other shops. The two large digital signs also lend a hand in defining what interested shoppers will find inside, as they show a mix of film and tv entertainment, as well as company branding that highlights LAVA's list of specialties.

LAVA Uses Digital Projection
Four of DP's E-Vision WXGA 600 high-brightness projectors work in conjunction with two panes of 60" x 94" Stewart StarGlas to deliver incredibly bright and saturated imagery. Two projectors are blended to make each image, and imagery is fed to the displays via a TVOne C2-6104A Multiviewer. The Multiviewer can display up to four sources at once, and allows any source to be placed in any location at any size or resolution.

LAVA Uses Digital Projection
Then four TVOne C2-2450A Edge Blenders combine the images produced from the four projectors into one complete image that spans both panes of StarGlas. Sources include 2 DirecTV receivers, an Integra DBS-50.2 Blu-ray player, XBOX, a custom dedicated PC for high resolution content, and an AMX IS-SPX-100 Digital Signage Player.

LAVA Uses Digital Projection
The E-Vision projectors and other digital signage components are controlled with the same AMX system that controls a single-chip DP M-Vision Cine projector and other AV components inside the showroom.

LAVA Uses Digital Projection
Congratulations to LAVA Systems for truly putting some ingenuity into their showroom, and thank you for choosing DP's precision displays!

** BONUS Photo of the Month - Ideum's Monterey Bay Aquarium Install, utilizing two blended DP dVision 35-WQXGA projectors to drive the imagery for a custom 7- foot, round multi-touch wall. Phenomenal!
Ideum uses Digital Projection

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Tech Tip

How to display native 2.35 content with no black bars and no anamorphic lens

Ask any videophile to name their biggest pet peeve and they will likely declare, "Black bars on my picture!" When standard definition and Blu-ray movies began to be released in their native aspect ratio, the movies appeared on TVs and projection screens with black bars on the top and bottom. These black bars reduced the vertical viewing area by more than 25%! This was unacceptable to many video enthusiasts, and a solution was badly needed.

The first and, until now, best solution to this issue was the combination of native 2.35 screens and anamorphic lenses with automatic sleds. Video processing stretched the image vertically to fill the 1.78 raster (making everyone tall and thin), and then an anamorphic lens was placed in front of the projectors primary lens to horizontally stretch the image to 2.35. The image gets 33% wider, and the black bars are gone. The number of addressable pixels was still 1920 x 1080, but the pixels were now rectangles instead of squares. Furthermore, extra optical lenses were used which reduced light output and contrast as well as introducing size, complexity and optical distortion. That was the price you paid for eliminating the black bars.

Until now!

The new dVision Scope 1080p offers a native resolution of 2560 X 1080 (2.37:1), providing a solution to eliminate the black bars on scope movies without the use of an anamorphic lens. By adding more than 33% more horizontal pixels to the DMD, the new projector can utilize advanced video processing to automatically detect those annoying black bars on the top and bottom of the image. The advanced processing then resizes the video to fill the full 1080p vertical resolution while utilizing more horizontal pixels to maintain the correct geometric aspect ratio. Thus, standard 16 x 9 material is always displayed in full 1920 X 1080 resolution, while "scope" material is displayed at an even higher horizontal resolution - up to 2560 horizontal pixels!

Pictures are extremely sharp with maximum contrast ratio and the screen height is always filled. In addition, image brightness remains constant since no additional optical elements are being introduced.

The dVision Scope 1080p offers the ultimate solution to viewing both 1.78 and 2.35 material on 2.35 projection screens.

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