Digital Projection Introduces Newly Expanded Radiance LED Product Line for Next-Level Viewing Experiences

Photo Courtesy of IBM

If you've ever seen a Digital Projection display, you know what truly high-quality imaging is. And if you've ever worked with a Radiance LED solution from DP, then you know what a next-level viewing experience can do for a project.  And in that spirit of creating the very best displays on the market, Digital Projection is proud to announce our new expansion of direct-view LED Video Wall solutions, now featuring four distinct platforms.

The Performance Series

Engineered to create the very best in LED video wall viewing experiences, the Radiance LED Performance Series delivers stunning imaging in nearly any indoor ambient light condition. Available in pixel-pitch configurations from 0.7mm - 4.0mm, this series offers brightness up to 1,500 nits and over 93% of the REC2020 color standard - perfect for creating that "Wow" effect in displays that engage and inspire.

The VX Series

Designed with a lower cost-to-performance ratio in mind, the VX Series from Radiance LED creates impressive solutions for spaces that need an exceptional, but cost-effective display. Available in a pixel-pitch range from 0.9mm – 2.5mm, the VX Series also features Radiance LED's optional CrystalView protective technology, adding even more value to an already impressive set of features.

The RCS Series

For applications needing high-performance LED visuals with changing configurations, the RCS Series is the perfect solution. Offering maximum flexibility with pixel-pitch options from 1.9mm – 3.9mm, this series is great for digital signage, houses of worship, auditoriums, and performance centers that may need aerial rigging of the LED display or the need to reconfigure their display elements for each show or event.

The Outdoor Series

Featuring all-weather rated LED panels, the Outdoor Series makes it easy to create outdoor displays that captivate and draw attention - even in spaces that must contend with direct sunlight and inclement weather conditions. Offering an astounding 6,000 nits of brightness and a pixel-pitch range from 2.9mm – 16.0mm, this series is perfect for stadiums, amusement parks, outdoor entertainment, and digital signage